National Foods Company

A Successful Story

National Foods Company originated from Italy's industrial experience of the sixties, when Pecoraro family founded the food-processing company "Pecoraro Spa" in the prolific area of the Agro Nocerino - Sarnese where the famous ‘Pomodoro San Marzano’ was grown and processed. The company soon became an important player in preserved food with large market shares in Italy.

The strong family aptitude to multi-product approach is revealed since the beginning with the core business of canned tomato combined to the production of legumes, jams and fruit juices , all characterized by high quality standards awarded by the their strong presence in the country.

The willing to replicate abroad the successful approach experienced in the domestic market, with the specific purpose to offer the philosophy of "Italian Quality Product" beyond national borders, through several experiences, found its concrete expression in the establishment of National Foods Company in 1988.

The idea turned out to be right and efforts addressed to this direction soon yielded substantial results, thereby resulting in a rapid growth of National Foods Company in different markets starting from Europe to the Middle East, continuing from Africa to the Asian markets and America.

The National Foods Company deep-rooted corporate philosophy based on the respect of Nature, on creation of value , on the marked vocation to Quality in all its meanings, on taking benefits from changes rather than fear them , is the driver behind its continuous development over the years.

With the new millennium, Globalization requires a broader strategic view in line with the new market reality. The beginning concept of "Italian Quality Product", therefore evolves into the one of "Italian Quality Guarantee". Therefore historical and consolidated NFC products of Italian origin are accompanied by a range of foreign products dominated by the same axioms of control and specific guarantee of Italian quality products.

Precious technical and commercial skills, reliability of its management and fast reaction to changing market conditions, are the basis of the company's configuration.

Today NFC operates on global basis. An extensive network of significant national and international relations in supply promote quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Established relationships with many business partners on sale markets ensure its brands a presence in more than 40 countries.
The Company valuable philosophy, foundation of its daily commitment, encourages its consistent growth.

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