Jamila: pasta

Pasta of 100% durum wheat semolina

A seemingly simple product, but actually the result of complex procedures for selection, production and monitoring to match strictest NFC specifications: straw yellow color, staying firm after cooking and balanced supply of protein and carbohydrates for a proper nutrition typical of a Mediterranean diet.

Long Pasta

Short pasta

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Product Information


100% durum wheat semolina


AVAILABLE PACKAGING: 20/500g – 24/500g – 24/350g - 40/250g – 40/200g
PACKING: Carton or Pe Bag.

Nutritional Values for 100gr. of products

ENERGY (calories): 355 Kcal
PROTEINS: 12,5 gr.
FATS: 1,5 gr.

Processing time / Cooking

Depending on cooking taste from 5 min. to 12 min. in salt water.

How to enjoy it

First courses
Along with a main course

How to store it

Once opened, store in a cool and dry place.

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