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Here you have answers to all questions that we frequently receive from our Customers and Consumers.


Answers to frequently asked questions from National Foods Company’s Customers, about orders, quality, prices, competitiveness, advices.


Who NFC customers are?

The typical client of NFC is the importer and , more generally, those who work on minimum quantities rather high for a type of product. Retailers or consumers cannot therefore get straight in touch with NFC for purchases but should refer to the importer / wholesaler / retailer accredited in the relevant Country. Consumers of NFC products may however express their opinions or give their precious advice on NFC’s Facebook page specifically created to receive their valuable feedback.

What the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for NFC products is?

NFC products are made on demand in order to always offer a fresh product and the longest shelf-life at the time of shipment. NFC does not keep products in stock. For this reason and for obvious production requirements, the minimum order is generally a 20' container or a full truck of product depending on the mode of transport. Only in some cases an order can be mixed by multiple products / size packing complying in any case with minimum required production quantity.

How long does it take to ship goods since the order is confirmed?

Generally, depending on the product and its origin, average time for production and shipment varies between 20 and 30 days after order confirmation. The transit time will naturally depends on the mode of transport and destination. NFC will take care of providing detailed information concerning production lead time and shipment enabling the Customer to easily plan his supplies in the most appropriate ways.

How can I know my orders status?

NFC Logistic Dept. will closely monitor each Customer's order and will keep him constantly updated about the status of production / shipment of the goods until their arrival at destination.


How does NFC select raw materials?

First of all , NFC relies on first class domestic and international partners/suppliers offering adequate guarantees on raw materials quality. Secondly, NFC constantly verifies that raw materials comply with most adopted international quality standards ( such as HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 , etc. . ). In addition, before being processed , further controls are made to verify the compliance with their initial features. Once manufactured, products are carefully analyzed and tested before shipment.

Does NFC guarantee the quality of its products?

Of course yes! NFC’s products are guaranteed since they are constantly monitored during the entire processing and before shipment. NFC’s products are shipped if 100% complying with national and international strictest quality standards.

Why buying NFC’s branded products?

Because NFC’s products are the result of a strong founded company philosophy based on Quality. The statement is backed by concepts of Responsibility for Food, Consumer Protection, Business Sustainability in the long run. Offering Quality means complying with all these elements at the same time.

Prices and Competitiveness

How can NFC be competitive by offering quality products?

Thanks to a Company organization based on Efficiency. NFC operates on a worldwide basis taking benefits from a complete range of opportunities/choices. The constant markets monitoring along with multiple, sound and stable business partners, guarantee the best purchasing conditions. Rationalization of production processes generates cost savings. A slim and flexible managing structure generates additional savings. The efficiency at all management levels enable NFC best Quality/Price ratio.

The international competition on Fast Moving Consumer Products leads many to the temptation of compromising on quality. Is it the case of NFC?

Absolutely not ! Not mentioning for a while NFC’s responsibility on foodstuffs which precludes any compromise on quality, one must also consider that the product spreading capacity and volumes it can generate are not coming only from its price but also and especially from its quality. Best selling Fast Moving Consumer Products are not the cheapest ones but the ones with the best quality/price ratio. NFC strategically operates on this skill by always keeping a steady high quality and working on price lever through Efficiency. Compromising on quality would undermine the assumption of the NFC existence and its presence on the markets. Consumers of NFC products are faithful since they feel guaranteed by NFC Brands. Offering a different product would mean betraying the Consumers.

Are NFC prices stable or can they somehow be set for periods of time?

Operating on commodities in extremely competitive markets as well as the need to be competitive, requires a substantial margin compression. Moreover, global markets volatility creates sometime sensible price fluctuations. By the light of this scenario it is quite difficult to hold stable price quotes for longtime. NFC prices are consequently fixed at the time of each order except in limited special cases.

NFC Consultancy

Can I rely on NFC advices to build up my purchasing strategies?

Of course you can. Being based on a long term business view, that is NFC own interest to lead Customers to the most appropriate choices for the greater benefit of both Clients and Consumers over time. NFC considers its Customers as a part of its own team. All the experience and expertise of NFC management are therefore at your service.

How does NFC carry out its advising activity?

At the first stage NFC tries to understand Customer market and needs. Secondly, NFC provides necessary information (state of the markets, economy, past trends and future projections, etc.) needed to have a skyline of the market ongoing status. Thirdly (Teamwork) , working together on strategic / operational choices based on mutual information exchange. Finally , strategies are tuned according to the market reality and evolution based on a continuous feedback NFC – Customer. The ultimate goal is to encourage and hold the lasting satisfaction of NFC / Customer / Consumer relationship.

How can I know whether NFC advising activity is valid and reliable?

There are several reasons why NFC advising activity is valid and reliable:

  1. Over 25 years of experience in the market of Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  2. Purchasing and Selling links on worldwide basis
  3. International continuous monitoring of commodity markets
  4. Studies and in-depth analysis of historical data, current and future trends


Answers to frequently asked questions from Consumers of our products.

Why should I buy NFC products?

Because the basic principle of NFC is to offer Consumers what ourselves would be willing to buy. Being born and operating in a Country , Italy , endowed of the most strict regulations on food and renowned for the quality of its products, NFC business approach is genetically based on Quality and Taste. NFC thus offers high quality products although competitive.

How about competitors offering equivalent products at cheaper prices?

Of course, in a global market one can find any kind of price for the same product and the consumer is obviously free to make his own choice about the product and the brand to buy. However, it must be verified whether the better price corresponds to the same quality of a NFC product. Unfortunately not all products, although apparently good, are actually of a good quality. This is the problem of many exporting countries with no regulations on food safety. Some companies offer cheaper prices, but often they miss the minimum required quality. For countries in which there is no food regulation, in certain cases products can also be harmful for human consumption. It is important for Consumers to know that quality has a minimum price below which the Consumer should wonder some questions about what he is buying. For food this assessment is even more important because what we buy will then be eaten by us, our children, and in general from our loved ones.

Can I directly buy from NFC?

Producing exclusively on demand in order to preserve the freshness and longevity of the products and considered the minimum amounts of production rather high, NFC is directly addressed to importers / big wholesalers. Therefore Consumer cannot directly buy from NFC. However, if your country is covered by NFC distribution (see NFC in the World) you can easily find our products in the best food stores.

How can I get in touch with NFC?

By accessing to NFC’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/nationalfoodscompany. This way NFC will be more than glad to receive any comment / advice.

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