Maya: condensed milk

All the ‘condensed’ taste of our milk.

Born from the need to preserve fresh milk, condensed milk is a highly energetic and extremely nutritious food: removing moisture and adding sugar,
increases the concentration of its nutrients also favoring its long shelf life.
Keeping intact the taste of fresh milk when added in coffee or tea, our milk is an essential ingredient for cakes and a tasty dessert to be consumed alone.

Product Information


Cow milk
Refined Sugar
Vegetable fats
Fortified with vitamins A , B and D


AVAILABLE PACKAGING: 24/1Kg - 48/390gr
PACKING: Carton.

Nutritional Values for 100gr. of products

ENERGY (calories): ≥329 Kcal
FATS: ≥10 gr.
PROTEINS: ≤1,5 gr.
VITAMIN B1: 0,9 mg.
VITAMIN D3: 120 I.U.

Processing time / Cooking

Depending on the recipes and use.

How to enjoy it

To be added to coffee or tea
As an ingredient for cakes
To be enjoyed alone

How to store it

Once opened, store in a cool place, preferably into the fridge.

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